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Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Vanguard Voyager Premium Service

Vanguard, like many investment management companies has personalized levels of service for their clients with significant assets. For instance, clients with $1 million or more at Vanguard qualify for the Vanguard Flagship Service or clients with $250,000 to $1 million get the Vanguard Voyager Service.

I recently found out that I now get the Vanguard Voyager Service which basically qualifies me for no account maintenance fees or IRA fees on my account. In addition I can get Turbotax Deluxe for $4.95 (even cheaper than I got Taxcut Deluxe this year) along with some other benefits.

As you may notice looking at my recent net worth statements, my entire net worth isn't even $250k so how is it possible I am getting the Vanguard Voyager service?

Well I wish I could say I devised a brilliant scheme to get it, but it more plays to dumb luck. I am just lazy and left my mailing address on my Vanguard investment accounts as my parents address and not my own. Apparently Vanguard recently began treating all accounts in the same household (ie same mailing address) with the same level of service, so now I get the same level of service my parents get.

This certainly creates an interesting opportunity for those with close ties to family that all have accounts with Vanguard. If you and your parents and/or siblings all have your Vanguard accounts registered to the same mailing address you could all potentially benefit by qualifying for Voyager or even Vanguard's Flagship Service.

Now I need to find out if I have any rich distant relatives that might help me qualify for Flagship Service ;-).

Update: I finally achieved Vanguard Flagship Service.


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