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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

July 2006 Net Worth Update (+$5,445)

Finally a month to get excited about! While this month's net worth change doesn't rank up there with the 5 figure increases I was seeing at the beginning of the year, it is a healthy $5,445 increase on a hectic month including one-time expenses related to my move to NY, some vacation expenses, and a down payment on an engagement ring (details to be discussed later). The most significant contributions come from the healthy gains in my large exposure to big pharma with Pfizer and Merck holdings.






Cash & Savings

$ 32,217.00

$ 27,067.54

$ (5,149.46)


Taxable Brokerage Accts

$ 40,958

$ 45,085

$ 4,126.51


Roth IRA

$ 24,629.00

$ 25,492.22

$ 863.22



$ 83,304.00

$ 84,665.71

$ 1,361.71


Stock Option

$ -


$ -



$ 32,961.00

$ 34,032.20

$ 1,071.20


House #1 - Rental

$ 160,000.00

$ 160,000.00

$ -


House #2 - Primary

$ 128,225.00

$ 128,225.00

$ -


Receivable (Payable)

$ -

$ 300.00

$ 300.00


Other Assets

$ -


$ -


Total Assets

$ 502,294.00

$ 504,867.18

$ 2,573.18





$ -


Credit Card Balances

$ (28,297.88)

$ (27,954.08)

$ 343.80


House #1 Mortgages

$ (119,977.20)

$ (117,848.88)

$ 2,128.32


House #2 Mortgages

$ (104,000.00)

$ (103,900.21)

$ 99.79


Rental Deposits

$ (900.00)

$ (600.00)

$ 300.00


Additional Tax Liability

$ -


$ -


Other Liabilities

$ -


$ -


Total Liabilities

$ (253,175.08)

$ (250,303.17)

$ 2,871.91


Net Worth

$ 249,118.92

$ 254,564.01

$ 5,445.09


Highlights for July
-All credit card debt (except current month's purchases) is in the form of 0% APR balance transfers earning interest in my savings accounts.
-I started a house notebook for my new property to keep track of the cost basis.
-I also found I was able to earn multiple Sharebuilder bonuses to get more free money.
-Most importantly, I got engaged! I expect to have many discussions once things settle down a bit about "the merger".
-I am on a temporary assignment through the end of the year and realized some additional unreimbursed expenses this month (such as plane tickets, transportation expenses, etc).
-I completed a new balance transfer for $26,500 (in June) and received some award points.
-My taxable brokerage accounts value shot up with a strong performance from the significant exposure I have to Pfizer and Merck. While its a great feeling to see these investments pay off, it is a double edged sword. I had hoped to continue building my exposure to these companies at the formerly attractive prices and higher dividend yields.

Additional Stock Investments for July (Outside of 401k & ESPP):
$350 in Roth IRA
$504 in Ebay (Sharebuilder)
$100 in Pfizer DRIP


  • I've notice that you don't include the value of your IBM Personal Pension Account, but you do include the value of your 401k. Is there a reason for this? If you've worked at IBM atleast 5 years you should be 100% vested.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 PM  

  • looks like a good month...best of luck on "the merger".

    By Blogger Brian, at 12:41 PM  

  • My pension isn't vested until later in August - don't worry - you will see it when its mine :-).

    By Blogger 2million, at 12:45 PM  

  • congratulations on the good month and the merger.
    you'll have some very interesting long term financial plans to work out.
    how does your fiancee feel about the blog? does she read it? would she care about what you discussed?
    I remember your comments on my post discussing financial trust and marriage, I guess you'll have a chance, soon, to find your answers! good luck! it will be an exciting process.

    By Blogger makingourway, at 1:56 PM  

  • Are you building any other streams of income in to your portfolio?

    I couldn't see any.

    It seems that most of your money is tucked into some kind of retirement accounts that shelter income until god knows when...

    I can't see any way by which you are developing any automatic wealth really.

    Just a thought.

    By Anonymous kenneth, at 11:57 PM  

  • Kenneth - good question. I cetainly have some stuff going on, but somtimes I guess the big goals get lost in the details.

    1) I have about $45k roughly (depending on what month you look at it) invested in various dividend paying stocks. You can see my 2005 passive income results here - 2006 will be a sizable step higher, but a long ways till we are talking significant income.

    2) I have a rental property and I have my new house that I am living in now, but I purchased to become a rental property when the time comes to move on.

    Other than those 2 things, your right - I don't have a lot of things brewing. I have lots of excuses why, but that doesn't matter - your right I need to focus more attention on generating more streams of income.

    My immediate plan is to focus on rebuilding some cash reserve and then start thinking about this some more.

    Thanks for the input!

    By Blogger 2million, at 10:59 AM  

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