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Thursday, September 01, 2005

College Football Opening Weekend - Wager for Week 1

The season begins!

I recently decided to keep track of my collge football wagering to see how it benefits or hinders my progress to reach my personal finance goals. On Monday I funded my Bodog sportsbook account with $100 of fun money for the season. I use Bodog primarily because I have been using them for years and I know I am not going to get ripped off using the site. I actually received a 20% bonus of $20 so my actual account balance is $120. I will be tracking my results weekly.

Current Balance: $120

Trans DateWagerTo WinResultDescription
8/30/05$100$80TBDVT(-3) over NCSU

Rational: I have placed a $100 wager on VT (-3) to win $80. My plan here is to take a big risk upfront. I normally only make wagers $5-$25 so as you can see this already breaks my strategy of small wagers. I am actually pretty confident - if there is a time of the year when the point spread is not accurate its the 1st game of the season. However I keep close watch of the team during the offseason, track their progress and feel pretty confident that the team will make a statement.

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