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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just got my Sharebuilder $50 bonus

Back in the beginning of August I read this post over at mymoneyblog.com about a scheme to get a free $50 investment from ShareBuilder. Sounded perfect to me, but there was one problem, I wasn't a member of Costco. However a quick search on fatwallet.com turned up a similar offer for First National Bank of Omaha (there are several offers available). I am not a member of this bank either, but apparently anyone can use the offer.

So I signed up, deposited $50 into my account, bought some Microsoft stock (had the same problem that JP had with only buying $42 worth of stock).

However, the good news is I got my $50 bonus this morning so I can withdraw that and let my $42 worth of MSFT turn me into a millionaire, eventually. I think I will for now go ahead and pull out all $54 so I can say I already made a $4 profit on this endeavor.

Heres the email:
Thank you for participating in our promotion. We have just credited your First National Bank Omaha ShareBuilder Account.

You can invest the extra money in your Money Market Cash Balance by modifying your ShareBuilder Plan. Under the "How do you want to fund your plan?" section, select the "Money Market Cash Balance" option. Be sure that the total investment amount is not more than the available cash balance in your account.

To invest with your ShareBuilder Plan, visit the Manage Your Account tab and choose Manage ShareBuilder Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care.

Thank you for selecting First National Bank Omaha ShareBuilder !


The ShareBuilder Team


  • Heres the codes I used for this bonus.
    Promo Code = FNBO50
    Link - http://www.sharebuilder.com/about_us/jump/fnbo50/

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