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Monday, October 03, 2005

Picked up 3 new tires for my car

I have always felt I get screwed when it comes to maintaining on my car. This is in large part to my own ignorance.

So when I decided I couldn't put off getting new tires any longer I thought I was going to do some serious comparative shopping for my new tires.

I checked out BJs, The Tire Rack, and Super Walmart and ultimately went to Walmart getting 3 new tires. The 4th tire was replaced not too long ago and look like it would be good for a long time - we will see if that was the right decision.

Here is a line item breakdown of the Walmart fees:
(2) Goodyear tires @ $48.74$97.48
(1) X-trac tire @ $30.00$30.00
(3) Valve stems @ $1.75$5.25
(3) Mounting, installation, balance @ $8.01$24.03
(3) Tire Disposal fee @ $0.70$2.10
State Sales Tax (tires, valves) @ $132.73$9.29
2% scrap fee on tires @ $127.48$2.55

I don't know if I got a great deal, but I don't feel like I got screwed like I usually do. How do all these fees compare to my previous tire purchases?

I dug out my previous tire work receipts and compared the fees.
StoreValve StemTire DisposalBalance
Walmart (9/05)$1.75$0.70$8.01*
Atlantic Tire (3/03)$2.50$1.50$15.00
Goodyear (10/01)$2.99$1.50$10.50

*Walmart mounting & install package also came with free rotation and road hazard (which I believe means if I put a nail in the tire they will plug it for free).

Walmart end up with the cheapest fees compared to all my previous tire purchases.


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