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Monday, August 21, 2006

Letter to Request List of US Savings Bonds

If you think you might have some US Savings Bonds, maybe as gifts from realatives over the years, but can't physically locate them, you can submit a request a list of U.S. Savings Bonds in your name. Here is a sample letter I put together to request a search be conducted:

Bureau of the Public Debt
Accrual Securities Branch
PO Box 1328
Parkersburg, WV 26106-1328

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I would like to request a list of US Savings Bonds in my name if available. I am trying to make sure I can account for all the bonds given to me as gifts over the years. These savings bonds would have been issued to me between 1976 and 1994. I suspect these bonds are E and/or EE US Savings Bonds and both $50 and $100 denominations.

I am currently aware of the following bond serial numbers in my name:
[Enter list of serial numbers here]

My information:
Full name: [Enter legal name]
Address: [Enter Address]
SSN: [Enter Social Security Number]

My Father, Mother, Grandmother or Grandfather may be co-owners and/or beneficiaries on these bonds:
Father’s Information:
[legal name, SSN, address]
Mothers’s Information:
[legal name, SSN, address]
Grandmother’s Information:
[legal name, SSN, address]
Grandfather’s Information:
[legal name, SSN, address]

If there is any additional information you may need, please contact me at [Add contact information]. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


[Name and Address]

Not sure where I got the contact info from - this was stored in my personal archives.


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