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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sent $250 to my Duke Energy DRIP

After doing some homework I thought it was time again to start investing in Duke Energy.

Some highlights that led to this are:
-I noticed the other day that Duke Energy was rated a 'Strong Buy' in the S&P stock report.
-Dividend is still very attractive $1.24 (4.5% yield)
-The Duke-Cinergy deal seems to be progressing ok - in my opinion major deal breakers would have surfaced by now
-Check out what the company assets would look like after the merger Asset Map
-I think with the increased costs of other energy sources, longer-term many electric utilities may benefit
-I need to send a mailing to my Duke Energy DRIP anyway to change my mailing address ;-)

I mailed a check for $250 today, and I am considering having an automatic monthly stock purchase started.

I also have holdings in Pepco, Edison International, and CMS Energy. I also need to revisit these companies - especially CMS Energy, they might also be ripe for further investments.


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