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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Money Saving Tip: Ask them to keep your valve stems when you get new tires

After discussing my recent tire purchase with some coworkers I was enlightened of another way I could reduce the expense of getting new tires in the future.

Apparently the new tire valve stems aren't really needed! I just assumed they were since I have never been asked if I wanted new valve stems. My coworkers told me they may be needed if you think you have a slow leak or some problem with them, but if you are getting new tires just because they are worn out then there may not be a good reason to buy new valve stems (other than to make more money for those changing tires). Something to keep in mind on my next tire purchase.

That tip would have saved me $5.61 (including tax) on this last purchase.


  • Great post. Like the think out of the box type ideas. I will save my valve stem next time I buy tires. Keep up the great work. Please check out my site!


    By Blogger tk_guy, at 11:32 PM  

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