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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hunting for the Best Deal on Tax Software

Its about that time of year again and I am in the hunt for a good deal on tax software. I don't care if I use turbotax or taxcut, but I really don't want to pay very much for it. I plan to go for the Taxcut Deluxe or Turbo Tax Deluxe editions.

The best price I have seen so far is Walmart has Taxcut Deluxe + State for $19.96. Most places seem to sell this for $29.99. Also I don't think I am interested in upgrading my financial software (I use MS Money) so I won't bother picking these up unless it will help me save more money off the price I pay for the tax software.

However some places are selling it around $29.99 with rebates. Staples has Taxcut Deluxe + State for $29.99, but it looks like they are offering it with a $10 giftcard easy rebate. If I can get them to pricematch Walmart then that means I could possibly get a $10 Staples giftcard and Taxcut Deluxe + State for $19.96.

This sounds like a good price to me if I can get it. Anyone seen any other good deals? If not, I'll try this plan and let you know how it works out.


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