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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Received my Free $10 Amex Gift Card Today

I finally received the $10 Amex gift card I earned by filling out a short survey a couple of months ago. I love "free money"!

I would like to keep better track of "free money" I earn so I can see the cumulative effect of it over the years. I think for now I am going to use the Sharebuilder account I opened that is funded only with the account opening bonus money.

I'll also have to add a line item to track "free money" value in my monthly net worth reports or something similar.

I have been thinking of consolidating one of my brokerage accounts to Sharebuilder since I am pretty unhappy with my E*trade account, so I may have to change which account tracks my "free money" in the near future, but this will be a good start for now.


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